Beverley follows a mixed race girl’s struggle to carve out a sense of identity in a confusing, shifting cultural landscape – 1980 Leicester. A move from the decaying, poverty-stricken, urban environment to the relative comfort and theoretical safety of white…

The Reward

Explores the moment of catharsis that unites two alienated New Yorkers over the disappearance of Mr. Puggles, the lost dog.

Les Confines

A Jewish woman on the run in 1940s Germany finds shelter in an open cellar only to end up in the middle of the owners’ domestic trouble.

One Short

A short film inspired by Jordan Peele. Watch as paranoia turns into reality- it only takes one shot.

Ur Dead to Me

Written and directed by Yonoko Li, a creative who seeks to explore the human condition and the female experience. Starring an all-female lead cast including Elle Wootton, Timmie Cameron, and Yvette Parsons (The Video Store, The Adventures of Suzy Boon),…


STEAM is full of martial arts and steampunk. A locomotive mechanic gets entangled in a conflict with his former gang members. He tries to fight himself out of this.

Mouse Trap

Megan is a single mother who, like most young people is obsessed with social media. In a fleeting moment she learns that the Internet is not a safe place and that a living nightmare is just a click away.

The Fisherman

A lonely fisherman catches an unusual fish, which he decides to keep as a pet.

A Snake Gone Through the House

Following the death of their only son, a middle-aged couple embarks on an emotionally turbulent hunt inside their home for his escaped pet snake.