It’s Rikes first day in a women’s prison. When she discovers that her cellmate was abused, she decides to get help. What she doesn’t know: she called the wrong guard.

The Liberty

An idealistic father tries to save his old movie palace from foreclosure and regain the faith of this daughter.


One Planet’s Future Takes Root In Earth’s past. Aeranger is a sci-fi short film about a space traveler who crash lands into Earth while desperately searching for a surrogate planet with the proper resources to save her people & home…

Night Prey

Something’s lurking in the darkest corners of an otherwise ordinary office building. Three exterminators (Bryan Michael Block, Tara Elliott, scOtt summitt) are called in to take care of the problem. Is it a simple insect infestation…or something far more sinister?…

How To Be Alone

One woman’s simple, three-step guide to surviving a night on your own. This dark and wickedly fun short film stars Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Guest) as a woman whose deepest fears seem to manifest physically when her husband, played…


An altruistic mouse with an unreachable goal of flight, befriends and nurses and injured bird back to health.


A young girl lives in an underground bunker, protected from the monsters that ravage the world. Today, she goes outside.

  • 2019


Metanoia takes us on a magical land as Mr. Philip narrates his epic adventures to kids at a hospital. When unusual events start taking place, we discover that the adventures are more than just bedtime stories.