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A list of all amazing short movies from talented creators across the world shared by users.

After She’s Gone

When their only daughter dies, a grieving mother and father are forced to confront their competitive relationship over her.

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Jane, a disillusioned office worker, finds solace in her recreational virtual reality console. As she increasingly assumes the life of her virtual avatar, the malevolent nature of her personal AI system begins to appear, with macabre consequences.

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A love story goes terribly awry when she wants out and he feels compelled to keep her.

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Two souls cross paths in an isolated wilderness. RIDER, who is suffering from amnesia following a motorcycle crash. And ROSE, on the run. They both take shelter in an abandoned cottage, where they start to piece things back together.

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The first film entirely written by Artificial Intelligence, Benjamin. Possibly some sort of love triangle?

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Meaning of Life

Studying vs playing? Or is a little of both an idea as well?

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