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A list of all amazing short movies from talented creators across the world shared by users.

Midnight Marathon

The year is 1980 in the quiet suburban town of Rockford Minnesota. This is where we meet our protagonist, little Ash Belford, a high school freshman who hasn’t quite found his place. You see, Ash suffers from a great fear…


Firefly is a 3D animated short film that shows us the origin of why the moon shines at night. We follow a young spirit as he leaves his dark world behind and discovers what’s just out of sight.

The Acorn Princess

Princess Cornelia is destined to wed the Flower Prince, but on the day of their marriage, things don’t quite go as planned.

The Reward

Explores the moment of catharsis that unites two alienated New Yorkers over the disappearance of Mr. Puggles, the lost dog.

Flying Eggs

A teenage boy takes playfulness a tad too far when he rudely interrupts a man on his morning run, unraveling a chain of events that reveals an unsettling scene.

Knocking on the Door of Your Heart

When the reality of adults comes into the world of children