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A list of all amazing short movies from talented creators across the world shared by users.

After Dark

After the step-dad wants to visit Briana’s bedroom and she fights him off, she is forced out of her house. Wandering the streets of LA after dark is no fun. At a train station she meets a guy who just…


After failed attempts to take her own life, Vivi finds a reason to keep on living.

A Sari for Pallavi

With her cousin’s wedding starting in one hour, Pallavi has to decide between honoring the Indian traditions of her family or staying true to her modern American identity.


How much can you sacrifice trying to save someone you love?

The Big Dam

Young Bedford is accepted by a girl who loves and marries him, thereby making Dillon, the rejected suitor, an enemy for life. Both men are contractors, and put in a bid for a large dam to be completed within a…