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A list of all amazing short movies from talented creators across the world shared by users.

Love at First Sight

It’s never to late for a love at first sight. Especially when you are in your seventies.

The Beacon

Mark and Kara Verne are both young shipping pilots struggling to make ends meet. When Kara goes missing months after taking a large interstellar contract, Mark travels to the far reaches of the galaxy in search of his wife.

Sorry, Not Sorry

A couple’s oneupmanship reaches unbelievable heights after a man eats his wife’s plums.

Picture This

16 of the best snowboarders in the world and one of the worst snow years in memory.

Technology Lake: Meditations on Death and Sex

A dog and her owner navigate the perils of modern technology.

Mystery Box

A woman named Moa is on vacation in the solitude of a cabin, on a small Island outside of Stockholm. One day when checking her fishing net, an old metal box is stuck in it. She takes it with her…