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A list of all amazing short movies from talented creators across the world shared by users.

Love Automated

It’s hard to surprise your girlfriend when technology keeps spoiling your ideas. But this year – 2063, to be exact – Gemma has a daring plan.


A couple breaks up and neither of them want the dog. The guy who doesn’t even know what to do with himself, has to now find the 50kg black lab a new home.

The Trophy Thief

Ben is a young soccer player who believes that winning his team’s MVP trophy will solve his family problems. When he misses out on the award, he takes matters into his own hands.


In the near future a young woman becomes a sleepworker: her body is programmed to do menial labour while she is asleep. However, she starts to suffer disturbing side effects and embarks upon a dangerous journey to uncover what sleepworkers…


Late at night someone knocks at a woman’s door. She’s afraid of who’s on the other side, but she has to look.

Sunday Story

Jim loves drinking, reading, writing and smoking. Alice confronts him about starting to smoke again. She asks him to stop doing what’s bad for him and start focusing on more positive things, like his writings and coming to church with…