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A grandfather who lives across the country from his family tries to connect with his grandson inside virtual reality.

Safe Haven

A short film about two children surviving in a world full of war. Created by 115 film students in order to create awareness about the fact that 357 million children are currently living in conflict zones.


“Tsinelas” is the Tagalog word for slippers or sandals–a deadly weapon if held by pissed off mother. So cook the rice, anak!

Thane Na Lover Thane Na Wife

Thane Na Lover Thane Na Wife


Here it finally is, ladies and gentlemen; Athena, the Sci-Fi Action/Thriller short film from Rogue Division, Crowned Prince Productions and Nine Entertainment! Athena is the culmination of almost two years of work and the combined talents of a vast team…

Invisible Bomb

So A group of Police Officers follow a Muslim guy carrying an Invisible bomb. What happens next will surely shock you. lol Do Subscribe for more! 🙂

Save Me

Young men are recruited and trained to be professional Hitmen by the underworld organization. One of the finest Hitmen of his generation (Mail Jani), wanted out after the death of his beloved brother. He now faces the wrath of the…

Drift and Zenith Battle for Lynx’s Love

The Ice King reverts from The Golden King back to normal after creating an amazing floating ice ball in the sky above Polar Peak. Valkyrie is sent by The Ice King’s to dismantle the enemy from within.


A story about 5 guys who’s planning to escape from the syndicate gang that they joined since their really young . FIMIE DON HARIS SHARIZAL HUZAIDI BAKAR AMIRUL AIMAN ZIZI ZAINI SHEERA EDORA


A Sci-Fi Action Short Film