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Fast, dangerous and unsettling, ALLEY CATS is a tense urban thriller set against the backdrop of an underground activity, which is at the cutting edge of urban subculture.


A new kid in town tests the limits at the high school basketball tryouts.


Louis, a retired man, resists the over-protection of his daughter Nina to keep his independence.


One night, Umut was invited to school by the girl he fell in love platonic while studying at his home, and finds himself fighting with the police.


Prospect is the unusual coming-of-age story of a teenage girl on a toxic alien planet. She and her father hunt for precious materials aiming to strike it rich. When the father is attacked by a roving bandit, the daughter must…

Hall Monitor

Hall Monitor, a short film on the dangers of hall safety.

The Controller

A controlling mom gets trapped in her son’s video game.

The Soul Hunters

The souls of a tragic past comes back to this world for revenge and finds their true destiny.

Japanese Samurai Sword

Once drawn into his older brother’s Triad gang, TIEN is coerced to go on a hit with a Japanese Samurai Sword…

Bag Man

BAG MAN is the understated story of a 12 year old boy, who takes us on an introspective journey out of the city and into the remote countryside of upstate New York. With a mysterious duffle bag in hand, its…