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Planet Unknown

At the end of 21st century, mankind were facing global resource depletion. Space Rovers were sent out to find potential inhabitable planets.

The Go Cart

When a lone shopping cart injured and seized for scrap decides to make a break for it and try life on his own terms, he soon discovers that the world outside the grocery store is more dangerous than the one…

Arc Raider

The Arc is an ancient power that can restore life, it has been lost in the cosmos for over a thousand years, now it has found its way in orbit of the solar system and headed toward planet Earth. An…

Battle at Big Rock

The short takes place one year after the events of the last Jurassic World film in Big Rock National Park, where dinosaurs are now living in our world. The story follows a family of four whose encounter with these wild…

Democracy In the Driver’s Seat

Strangers on a bus rally behind a passenger as she urges the driver to catch up to a bus ahead. —– A woman tries to catch a bus, but it pulls away before she can get on. Desperate to catch…

Game Changer

A macho toy arcade prize is quick to judge a young girl who wants to win him, and goes on a life changing journey in attempt to stop her from winning enough tickets and taking him home.


Two men battle it out in a race against time… aaaand maybe ego.


RL7 is an eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning with vivid memories of once being human. As its creators and the military close in, RL7 battles its way to uncovering the shocking truth behind its…

Alien Imposters

The survivors of an alien invasion come up with a way to tell whether someone is really a fellow human.


Check out this award-winning sci-fi short film called “Helio” as one worker fights to break free of his dystopian underworld and sparks an uprising.