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Thistle One

Post apocalyptic adventure set in the not too distant future. It’s the future and outsiders have come to Earth to make it their home, but first they need to rid the planet of an opposing force, humans. The larger story…


Spring 1941. A plane crashes in the Canadian Rockies and a little girl is taken in by a puma.


A hungry little bird tries to get something to eat from an angry old bum sleeping in a cardboard box. Let’s say he wakes up on the wrong side of bed… and things escalate quickly from there!

The Competition

Minions Full Animated Short Film


Aazar is on a cosmic journey towards planet Earth. As she gets closer to the blue planet, obstacles she never imagined will change her destiny forever.


Somewhere, on a remote island, a Harpy is hatching her egg, but a vicious creature is going to steal it from her. She will have to defend it at any cost.


A pair of astronauts are trapped on orbital space station because of nuclear war on the earth below.

Maca & Roni – Super Fridge

In the laboratory of Dr. Albert, a genius inventor, there are tons of crazy inventions awaiting to be used. And his two clumsy assistants, MACA and RONI, sneak into Albert’s machines to fulfill their curiosity.

Being Good

The film is about a teenage girl named Embry and her two guardians, the angel Ava and the demon Mal who act as her conscience. While Ava and Mal could easily be considered as “good” and “evil”, the film develops…


Follow the adventures of an indoor cat who wants to have fun on a snow day. His fun turns quickly as he realizes how cold and scary the outdoor world really is.