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Alien Baby

A quirky hipster and her straight-laced coworker come face to face with the unavoidable weirdness of childbirth.

The Deal

Two men meet at night for a drug deal but not is all as it seems. The buyer turns out to be an undercover cop and attempts to arrest the dealer. But the dealer is also a cop. After a…


The story of a man’s epic quest to return all the stuff his girlfriend has left at his house.


The happenings of someone’s nostrils.


Prey is mix and match of multiple genres to create a Schizophrenic horror story with all the aspects of low budget grind house movies. Its a chase movie on crack.

Playing House

Playing House is about the trials & tribulations of married life between two 9-year-olds.


Two long lost friends have an everyday conversation about their respectively love interests.


Blank is the story of Mike, a film student tasked with making a short film for his college course, the only problem is he hasn’t a clue what to make.

More Than God

A pious Doctor is forced to deal with a family matter whilst hiding under the bed of a stranger.