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Humming Bird

The life of an aspiring actress unravels through her self-tape auditions. Laila is a young actress who has to put an audition “on tape,” all in hopes of eventually booking a role. She tries to film herself using her iPhone,…

One Per Person

Nancy, an awkward fast food worker, competes for customers against Chuck, an excessively happy-go-lucky rival, igniting an amusing duel and an unexpected story of self-discovery.

Bad Delivery Boy (Bad Boy)

Scott (Artie O’Daly) is visited by an unexpected delivery boy (Drew Bradley), to whom his agent (Lyndsey Doolen) takes a liking.


What does a man, a woman, ice cream, chewing gum, dog food, beer and a lot of other things have in common? Commercials.

Baby Gravy

In a rural pub restaurant on a busy motorway, a same-sex couple awaits the arrival of a man called Karl.

Customer Service

A man tries to find the song that changed his life. But his own temper gets in the way.


An unlikely young man imagines himself as the greatest football player of all time, but in doing so, hides behind a false persona instead of being himself.

The Terrible Thing of Alpha 9

A space bounty-hunter travels to a lonely planet to kill a terrible monster.

Extra Toppings

A young pizza driver gets more than she bargains for after being pulled into a feud between two rival pizza shops.


An advertising man down on his luck creates the marketing campaign of his life in… The Twilight Zone.