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One Last Meal

Today’s the day the Missouri madman Otis Boyle finally gets executed. The Warden and his Captain of the Guards, York, have been looking forward to this for years, but they could never have prepared themselves for his last request. As…

Game Over

A film about a boy who plays video games.

Car Stealers

A woman with mysterious powers and a troubled past is recruited by a gang of ethical car thieves who steal back stolen cars.

Bad Boy

In this two-reeler, Jimmy Jump wants to please both of his parents, but they disagree about everything. His father wants him to act more manly, although Jimmy gets his sensitivity from his mother. He wants to wed his girlfriend, and…


Nick calls a suicide hotline and is put on hold due to high caller volume (this is a real thing). He finds that his next door neighbor, Cassy, has also been put on hold. They decide to hang out while…

Not rated yet!

Lady Liberty

An aspiring comedian learns to embrace her queerness to find her comedic voice, and more importantly, her community.


SUNNY, a young Asian American woman with anger management issues, returns home to the San Gabriel Valley seeking respite from her recent career failures — but a simple grocery shopping trip with her mother may prove more than she can…

Good Guy with a Gun

An incel walks us through his newfound epiphany on why he decided to buy a gun.

Love You Tyler

When Luke starts to talk about his new girlfriend, Tyler, who happens to have the same name and career as his roommate, things get a little awkward. “outlandish,funny,bold and disarming in all the right ways” -Brett Haley, Director/writer (Hearts Beat…

A Night at Club Zenos

When Jack follows his best mate to Prague to find his ex-girlfriend, he’s thrown into the middle of an alien invasion fronted at a night club. Now, he must work together with an unlikely ally to rescue hie best mate.