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Stage Four

A couple on the verge of a divorce, play cat and mouse with their future.


Lily, an assistant in a high-end office desperately wants to eat her Luna Bar as an afternoon snack, but her boss Stacey needs her to pick up a most important phone call that could come in at any moment…

A Purgatory Story

A demon stuck with spirit board duty falls for a girl on the other side.

Nefta Football Club

In a Maroccan village, children play football on an improvise field. Meanwhile, Abdallah and Mohammed come across a donkey with a headphone on his hears and bags full of a white powder on his back. The two young brothers decide…

The Gunfighter

In the dusty sun-baked West, in a cheap and smelly old saloon filled with a motley assortment of typical scoundrels, enters a solitary thirsty gunslinger, and although this may be true, he is not entirely alone. Mysteriously, the husky masculine…

One Per Person

An awkward fast food worker gains a new perspective on life while competing for customers against an excessively happy-go-lucky rival.


The Hurricane runs this small town middle school until the new girl arrives and he develops his first crush. What wouldn’t a bully do for love?

Pizza Time

A pizza delivery driver goes to the right place at the wrong time when he stumbles into the scene of a hitman’s contract killing.

Midnight Confession

West Berlin, 1989. Manny Jumpcannon prowls his dingy apartment, phoning various degenerates from his past. He’s hoping for some uncertain vindication but the ensuing conversations only reveal his own sordid history of deceit.


Peter has a dream job. He’s a popular magician in a posh Prague nightclub, whose act draws more applause than the strippers. He’s got an eye-catching assistant who is ready and willing to cuddle his frayed nerves whenever necessary. But…