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The Deal

Two men meet at night for a drug deal but not is all as it seems. The buyer turns out to be an undercover cop and attempts to arrest the dealer. But the dealer is also a cop. After a…

The Hacker

Cuffed to a table inside a derelict barn, a 17-year-old hacker meets the government official who has the power to grant him a second chance – or ruin his life forever.


Upon release from prison, having served time for a crime his brother Mike committed, Paul discovers that Mike is still working for local crime boss Jake. Once again Paul tries to help Mike and offer him a way out, approaching…


A British electrician working in Los Angeles, questions his sobriety after he thinks he saw his best friend commit a crime.

Taylor Is Missing

A woman, hiking long-distance, struggles trusting a stranger she encounters after he insists on joining her. She is lost, he happens to come upon her off-trail. She must decide how far she is willing to travel with someone who may…

Fry Day

A coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of Ted Bundy’s execution in 1989.

A Band of Thieves

The story of a young, western-obsessed girl hell-bent on turning her quiet Texas suburb into the lawless playground of her imagination.

Home Sweet Home

When two thugs try to rob Kim, a homeless woman, and Lucas, her twenty-something, homeless friend, they get the surprise of their lives.


Niklas, a surgeon who lives a life of solitude and is tormented by self hatred, performs regular illegal surgeries for the red market. He works together with Mia, a young prostitute who lures her clients in and drugs them. Niklas…


Lucy and her daughter get trapped in a closet by a home invader in a house she was hired to clean.