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Space Flower

The forbidden love between the heir to an interstellar potato chip empire and her robotic beau illustrates the age-old adage that parents just don’t understand.


Missing is a suspense / thriller that portrays the story of a man that is being held captive and victimized by a sadistic serial killer, while a wife searches desperately for her now missing husband.

The Grey Part of Blue

As they embark on a two-day long road trip, a young couple finds themselves forced to face the realities of their relationship.

Pray 4 My Awesome

“An examination of cultural violence in Baltimore city and it’s affects on the city’s youth.


‘Carnivore’ is a short psychological thriller about a young, quiet man living in a share house with his outgoing and party inclined friends. Surrounded by a culture of peer-pressured drug use, Austin sheepishly withdraws deeper and deeper into a paranoid…


Dreams can slip away quickly, only to be refueled at a moment’s notice.

Darkness Comes

Racing desperately against the setting of the sun as if pursued by the very devil, a man sprints through a barren field seeking the safe haven of a derelict farmhouse. What is he afraid of and what happens when darkness…

Coming Out

A satirical family drama about the coming out of a young girl to her family , where nothing goes planned.


As a couple searches a remote corner of Pennsylvania for their missing daughter, family secrets spill out into the open, fracturing everyone’s sense of reality.