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After a car accident, a skeptical New Yorker must call for help on a mysterious pay phone that responds only to ‘411’. He gets Information, and in a twist of fate, much more than that.


Struggling in a profession in which he lost interest years ago, professional boxer Bobby sets up one final bout; with his own bullying father.

Nursery Rhymes

Courage asks unexpected things of us.

Holy Moses

It’s 1963, and the harshest winter of the 20th century rages against Northern Ireland. The temperature plummets as we open on a Magdalene Asylum for fallen women. A beautiful nun struggles to conceal her forbidden pregnancy, while enduring back breaking…

The Bigger Picture

‘You want to put her in a home; you tell her; tell her now!’ hisses one brother to the other. But Mother won’t go, and their own lives quickly unravel as she clings to life. Director Daisy Jacobs uses two-metre-high…

In White

Her father’s funeral brings Lara back to Beirut from her modern life in NYC, forcing her to face the traditions she escaped and the untraditional fiancee she’s been hiding.


A lone drifter, driven by hunger, walks into a bloodbath of bad luck.


A young boy struggles to accept the loss of his mother while his sister copes through violence.

The Psychiatrist

HBO’s In Treatment meets Criminal Minds. A dramatic murder mystery of healing, self preservation and obsession. Angela Westmoore; a psychiatrist, barren and soon to be divorced- struggles to find balance in her own life while helping a dark and mischievous…

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Delicious And Indelible – a short movie

“Delicious and Indelible” (2019) a short film by Ahmer Srivastava & Mert Topcu (Peregrination Studios) about the delight and heaviness of life and choices… Featuring C. Matt Burns & Leslie A. Rubin Music Sergei Rachmaninoff Vocalise, 14 Romances, Op.34 No.14…

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