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Under Darkness

In World War II Poland, a young Jewish woman joins the Soviet resistance, and realizes that through photography, she can remember the past while documenting for the future.

Coven: Newborn

A struggling drug addict is given the chance to receive immortality to change her life, but only by sacrificing a great asset to her life? Can she do it?


A man comes home from work early…

Never Land

The story of an inner-city foster boy whose only escape is his daydreams of Never Land.

Too Late

This is the story of Susan growing up and moving away but only to return Too Late.


A young boy, left alone as an unnatural threat ravages the world, clings to his daily routine as he waits for his mother to come back for him.

Dark Circle

A particular mathematical insight by a college professor in Calcutta, India, ends up being unexpectedly connected across space and time with people in Fremont, California, leading to a bizarre set of events.

Things That Fall

“Things That Fall” is a love story about outsiders – one deaf and one with auditory psychosis – who find each other. Alex, haunted by the auditory hallucinations of schizophrenia, retracts from connecting to others and uses music to drown…

Sunshine Room

Cutting-edge technology allows a young woman to grow up alongside her beloved Abuela. But on the verge of leaving for college, her financial realities threaten to erase their relationship – for good.