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Olde E

Olde E tells the story of a young man and his father. The young man is a rising basketball star in South LA, on the brink of recruitment by the same school that once recruited his now-alcoholic, abusive father. Tensions…


Far out at sea, a cell phone floating inside an air-tight bag starts to ring.

The Stylist

Claire is a lonely hairstylist with an unnerving desire to escape her disappointing reality. When her final client of the evening arrives with the request to look perfect, Claire has plans of her own.

Breathing Through Trees

Upon hearing that his ex-girlfriend is now engaged, an amateur pornographer finds himself torn between memories from his past and the fresh new applicant sitting before him.


Revenant follows the life and experiences of a man with a very special condition. Set in a post-apocalyptic era, the film documents his struggle to overcome his unique desires.

Short Term 12

A day at a group home for troubled adolescents. Denim is the head counselor, involved somehow with Natalia, another counselor. During the day, we watch them and other staff deal with a boy who’s getting into fights though he has…


On the sand dunes of her local beach a female jogger returns to the scene of a crime looking for closure.

The Going Away Party

Connor is going to kill himself. But first, he’s throwing a going away party to say goodbye to all his friends. Problem is, he doesn’t seem to have any friends.

Model Citizen

A short documentary film about a day in the life of a Muslim trans model who leads a balanced life that everyone aspires for yet the problems she meets are different than most.