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Better Together

Better Together was made for and entered into Nespresso Talents 2019; a unique competition that empowers filmmakers to be creative and tell a story through the format of vertical video. Through the metaphor of fish and chips, the film attempts…


Tia must confess her love of meat to her vegan boyfriend before he meets her family.

Contractor 014352

Real and imaginary worlds collide when a lonely data entry clerk reaches through his computer screen, in search of a genuine connection.


A woman in 1990s Hong Kong accidentally kills her alcoholic husband in self-defense, and finds a unique way to dispose of the evidence.

Welcome to Iron Knob

After a young boy accidentally shoots a stranger with his fathers gun, it is left to the nonchalant townsfolk to cover it up as quickly as possible – so they can get back to whatever it was they were doing…

Moving On

While collecting her things from her boyfriend’s house, our girl is stopped by the past, the spirit of her relationship, trying to stop her from letting go and moving on.


We so easily pass judgement or get outraged when a girl has been raped, but we never stop and think about the girl herself. Do we know whats going on her mind? Do we really understand what she faces? With…


Ashwini a young middle-aged Indian woman comes home after being declared as an addict in the midst of Diwali celebrations, where Diwali is touted as celebration of triumph of good over evil. What is this addiction? Does she cope with…


Limbo is about a man who has lost his way. Reconnected with his estranged son, he begins a journey of reflection, which affirms his will to live and reconnects him to the lost love from his past.