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Man to Man

A poignant story of a father-son relationship, told through a series of conversations as the two catch up to discuss life, love, and everything in between, over a quiet pint in their local. Set over a number of years, it’s…

90 Days

Li Jan, a girl from china arrives in Hong Kong with a 90 day tourist visa, to be prepped and brought into the world of underground prostitution. During this first night she is guided by a groom, Tat, through different…

The Interview

A down on his luck man has a job interview with an opportunistic entrepreneur that takes him out of his comfort zone.

Damage Control

While surprising his fiancée with a newly inherited property, a man is forced by a mysterious woman to confront his past behavior.

Time Out

While on a trip to Milan, a couple pretends to meet as their younger selves, to determine their future together.

Nine Minutes

In the near future, an experienced astronaut, Lilian, and her A.I. explore a newly discovered planet. After weeks of research, a malfunction during the return launch forces Lilian to choose between survival and completing the mission.

The Day That

On the day of a father’s unexpected death, six family members each seek ways to manage their grief. In the face of his sudden absence, the ordinary takes on heightened meaning.

House of Straw

It’s six o’clock and Emma Sheffield has a lot to do before sunset. But a domestic dispute with her husband Reed threatens to throw a wrench in the gears. As disagreements turn into accusations, Emma has precious minutes to lock…

Lunch Time

A 16 year old girl has come to the hospital to identify the body of her mother. The people in charge at the hospital – due to her young age – won’t let her into the morgue.

Shades of Colour

With timeless themes of alienation, hope, social pressures and what it really ‘means’ to ‘come of age’- Shades of Colour portrays a young woman struggling to accept this ‘real’ world without losing her natural self in the process. Emotionally torn…