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Timekeeper – Don’t Be A Slave To Time

Hock is a retired watchmaker who treasures obsolete objects for their value. 11-year-old Anna follows Hock into his quirky shop house one day, and an affinity is formed. They soon discover a memento that connects the two of them together…

The Insomaniac

How something as small as a bad dream can make you into.


April is rescued by her fiancé, Nick, from being hit by a car as she crosses the street while texting. This heroic act, however, does not come without life-long consequences.


A short movie touching on mental health issues that can potentially arise from the challenges of today’s society, social media, social protection and social injustice. The short depicts one person’s journey and search for possible coping mechanisms.

Get Free!

21 year old Iris’ life is endangered as her ex boyfriend returns to seek unwanted closure. A series of events unfold as we see what was and what still exist between them.This short film’s aim is to enlighten viewers about…


Malayalam Short Film By Jyothish Thabore | Dharmajan Bolgatty

I Am

“I Am” is An LGBT Short Film made by 10B-St.Mechtilde students.

Invisible Scars

Meet Spc Jackson and Spc River of the United States Army. Their 9 month deployment is coming to an end when suddenly everything goes left!!! Dedicated to all my fellow veterans. #igotyoursix (PTSD AWARENESS VIDEO)


Like the waves that always return to the shore, no matter how far they travel, so do we, to love, to comfort, to bliss. Isn’t that what we’re all chasing? Our shore.

2nd Door

A sci-fi that gives you the thrills of a parallel world in sync with the real world. The story of a man who seeks answers from himself and not from the world.