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The Room In The Elephant

When Nicole receives life-changing news, her 7-year-old daughter poses an insightful perspective.

Boris in the Forest

A black comedy about a Californian geek in search of his horror hero Boris Karloff. Fresh off the plane from Los Angeles, horror geek Merv Blanco holds forth in reverential ecstasy as he finally finds himself outside 36 Forest Hill…

We Forgot to Break Up

After an absence, Evan unexpectedly returns to face his now-famous, former bandmates. The surprise reunion is bittersweet, in this intimate depiction of the knotty complexities of relating to old friends, after everything has changed.

Something To Live For

A young woman, who has been training to become a suicide bomber, must choose between her love for her son and her obligation to carry out an attack.


Bloody images from Ex-Yugoslavia on the classic war theme of a son who has to leave his mother and his family home to go to war. One day, the son returns, in a tank, with orders to meaninglessly destroy his…

A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas story about loss, faith and love. A story about two different people who meet against all odds in an old church on Christmas Eve.

Bhai Bhai ka Pyar

Ed is the favorite victim of the neighborhood gang. When one of the members of the band is found horribly mutilated, Ed has no choice but to become the one he has always dreamed of being.


After getting into a car accident, a teenage girl finds herself in an unfriendly neighborhood and in need of help.

The Other Side

Days before his 18th birthday, Abel finds himself about to age out of his orphanage and leave his younger brother, Kiya, behind. But when a prospective adopting couple threatens to break their relationship apart, the orphan brothers are confronted with…