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Sports Day

A teenage girl is confronted with her inner demon when forced to lose her virginity on school’s sports day.


In a bleak world that has lost its sense for joy and wonder, an old clown reminisces about better days.


In a near future where all antibiotics have failed, a father, Tom, and his young daughter, Amy, are quarantined in their house during a lethal pandemic. When Amy gets sick, Tom must make an impossible decision: give her up to…

Hair Love

A father tries to do his daughter’s hair for the first time.


A couple has different opinions about the abortion that has already happened.

Like Animals

After the death of their mother, three sisters try to figure out how to move forward with their lives.


Steven Mann is running late. Unemployed for months, he finally has an interview and he’ll do whatever it takes to make it. But this is London, and it’s not that easy.

The First Lady

For a church girl, growing up to marry a preacher is a dream come true. But for Rose Jacobs, her dream becomes a nightmare when she finds out the price she has paid to become ‘The First Lady’.

Ek Dopahar

The story is about two women, Raina and Shubha, their love for the same man, and how each of them, in their own respective fashion, deal with the grief of losing him.