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A story of a Burmese refugee, Zayar, finding his place in America.


Out of discarded rubber bands, a young boy makes a ball that possesses a mind of its own.

Friendship Bracelet

The story of a girl who is looking for her long lost father who makes bracelets of friendship.

The Peak

In this love story, set against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s Hungry Ghost Festival, a young man leads his girlfriend on an elaborate scavenger hunt as they prepare to say goodbye to the city where they first met.

Killing Time

With no way out, a young woman turns to the only man she can trust.

The Full Story

Toby is selling his childhood home. Walking through empty rooms, he is assailed by memories of happiness unravelling, break-down, and the helplessness and rage of being child. Why do close ties break and loved ones leave? Can we ever know…


A story about a young girls relationship with her paralyzed grandfather, and how it changes once her uncle is back in town.


Short Film: Established professional finds himself dealing with permanent blindness after an accident.

Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island

Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island is an animated short film, which tells the stories of two men, currently detained in Australia’s notorious Manus Island Offshore Processing Centre. In October 2014, director Lukas Schrank made phone contact with the men…


No body is going to get in their way…