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In her high school theater class, Krista uses a scene study as catharsis.


Land artist Dögg seems troubled by childhood memories of her mother’s battle with an inherent disease. These memories get mixed up with reality. This internal struggle makes it hard for her to fit into society. She finds peace in nature…


A short film about a students confrontation with two school shooters.


When Darren agrees to give Irene a ride to a birthday party, we journey into the depths of his fragile ego as it becomes clear that the evening will fall short of his deluded expectations.

Plus Minus

Two strangers. Two perspectives. A cup of tea. An overnight train journey that will change the way we look at life forever. After all, every minus is half of a plus. Isn’t it?


Detective Jonas Stevenson lost his hope when he lost his wife. His whole life has been dedicated to ridding the world of filth, one molester at a time. He neglects his grief, his well being, and, most importantly, his teenage…

This Is Me

She has a name, a history and a personality. From the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand. From the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain. A successful and smart young CEO, Sandy, battles post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)….

Three Sacks Full of Hats

Mick returns home after a long absence to witness the fast declining health of his alcoholic brother Sid, which stirs up family tensions of shame and denial.

The Burning House

A depressed 20-something aficionado of one-of-a-kind vintage goods flees his burning house with nothing but an armload of impractical luxury items, which he must use to survive on the hard streets. A modern-day cautionary tale in the tradition of picaresque…