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No Place

This fictional short follows Angela and her two young kids who find themselves evicted from their home. Angela struggles to look after her family and maintain a sense of normality. An increasingly desperate situation leads her to commit an uncharacteristic…


Diego Granados is a known journalist in Colombia; chasing a story he is kidnapped by FARC the biggest guerrilla group in the country and held captive in the mountains for several months. During his captive days he experiences the company…


A young, happily married man lives an alternate life in his bathroom.

Beyond Us

Lisa has left behind her life to look after her mother who is affected by Alzheimer. But the disease is not the only thing that is worrying Lisa. Something dark is taking shape in the house. For Lisa and her…


Two quarrelling brothers set out on an adventure in their neighborhood and discover what it means to be a hero.

Elementary Brilliance

Elementary Brilliance is a dramatic story of a troubled girl in school who might be smarter than anyone can imagine.

Made in China

A Chinese girl contemplates suicide as she struggles with depression. Will she go through with it?

My Ex-Girlfriend is a Shovel

After her girlfriend of three years breaks up with her, Coral realizes that her ex wasn’t actually a person, but was in fact a shovel. Ultimately, Coral must confront her shovel ex-girlfriend to be able to move on.

The Bumbry Encounter

The year is 1961. Jackie Bumbry has a black eye. Her house is full of police officers. Her husband, Terry, is being spoken to in the other room. A family counselor is brought in to speak with Jackie about her…

American Letters

A mailman in rural East Tennessee who struggles to make a human connection with others is forced to reconsider his involvement in the life of his co-worker when he suspects she might be in a toxic relationship with her spouse.