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On the eve of Y2K, a ragtag group of teens fight to reclaim their futures… by ensuring humanity still has one. It’s the end of 1999, and everyone is up in arms about what will happen when all the clocks…

Human Sun

A spiritual teacher is having a mental breakdown-and it’s showtime. His only hope comes from an unassuming source.

Pari & Pinocchio

Many lives intertwined within the web of lies.

The Essence

The Essence is inspired by the soundtrack of Giggs mixtape ‘Wamp 2 Dem’


Can Men who risk their lives can have offspring after their death? How unthinkable a mother will do to get a healthy baby.


When a young CEO is extorted on the eve of the company’s IPO, she’s faced with an impossible choice.

Hitch Hike

On a trip to find his birth mother, a teenage boy is forced to hitch a ride with a heavily-tattooed stranger.

See Me

A film about an invisible man named Brynn Ault. He makes friends online, and after disappointing Aimee Kim, his online friend, he goes out and wallows into the crowds of the 626 night market to feel more at home.

The Embrace

Siddharth and Shalaka are a newly married couple living in a joint family, in a small traditional living quarter which is part of a larger structure called a chawl. The cramped house doesn’t give any privacy to anyone but over…


A new hallucinogenic drug that allows you to relive your memories takes an emotional and psychological toll on Charlie and his sister Josi.