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Teacher in a Box

The School for Innovation was founded by a corporation determined to rebound our national economy by teaching design thinking to teenagers and putting the most promising prototypes into production. Here, a jaded teacher is coming to terms with being replaced…

A Short Film

Two disgruntled teachers use a Rube Goldberg machine to exact revenge on the people who have wronged them.

Bye Bye Body

When Nina fails to meet her goal in the final week of weight loss camp, she makes a deal with the devil that takes her on an unexpected adventure, through which she learns to see her body anew.

The Sacred Disease

There is a crack in this world you can slip through.

Echoes of You

An aspiring classical pianist finds his greatest fulfillment in an unlikely place.

1.2 Million

An accident results in an act of kindness, and an unexpected bond is formed.

A Confession

A mysterious and damaged young man must confess a terrible sin. What he reveals to the warm hearted priest resonates way beyond the confines of the Church – calling into question a relationship that has lasted over 1500 years.

Far from Home

Less than a week after her father’s passing, Ellen Mendoza sojourns back into her father’s old apartment to start clearing out some of his more personal belongings – only to happen upon a man from her father’s past who helps…

Lonely Laura and Her Sister Niamh

How far would you go to look after someone you love? When Laura’s sister Niamh demands her help burying another body, Laura is forced to drop everything. Again. A short film about a serial killer and the sister who cleans…