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Fata Morgana

A middle-aged couple from China arrives in the United States for the first time to organize the funeral rites of their only child. In the midst of dealing with the logistics of the funeral and their overwhelming grief, they begin…

The Hunter

Dedicated to heroes and mothers. The hunter is a film of our time, the film shows the relation of the person to MOTHER (in the deepest meaning of this word), AS the BASIS FOR LIFE In the country, in the…

Tim of the Jungle

A high school student attempting to complete his musical opus keeps getting distracted by the intense fights of his mentally imbalanced father and overly doting mother.


Mathieu is grappling with the ultimate decision – to end the life of his faithful companion, his dog Suki.

Suicide Room

What happens when a human is convinced to die, and a machine is desperate to live?


Filled with guilt and regret, a young man faces the death of his grandmother. This character piece explores the relationship between grandchild and grandparent; a relationship that is far too often taken for granted.

The Day That

On the day of a father’s unexpected death, six family members each seek ways to manage their grief. In the face of his sudden absence, the ordinary takes on heightened meaning.


Derek, a struggling artist and drug addict, finds himself at odds with his dysfunctional family on Christmas Eve.


A young guy from the Moscow suburbs can’t handle his own life: a huge gap between him and his mother, agressive relations with his stepfather, street fights and serious health issues. But the biggest surprise will appear to be himself.


Raul is all alone in one of the biggest cities in the world. Far from family and home, he lives in a shared house where everyone has the same needs. Soon he will have to leave the house and find…