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1.2 Million

An accident results in an act of kindness, and an unexpected bond is formed.

A Confession

A mysterious and damaged young man must confess a terrible sin. What he reveals to the warm hearted priest resonates way beyond the confines of the Church – calling into question a relationship that has lasted over 1500 years.

Far from Home

Less than a week after her father’s passing, Ellen Mendoza sojourns back into her father’s old apartment to start clearing out some of his more personal belongings – only to happen upon a man from her father’s past who helps…

Lonely Laura and Her Sister Niamh

How far would you go to look after someone you love? When Laura’s sister Niamh demands her help burying another body, Laura is forced to drop everything. Again. A short film about a serial killer and the sister who cleans…


TRiGGA is a short film inspired by true events and follows a young girl, Mae, who confronts the bullies with the help of her horse. As physical assaults become a daily reality, Mae retreats into a silent world and stops…


A well to do business man passes a person he sees every day on his way to work. The story culminates in a shocking revelation.

To Catch a Mouse

To Catch A Mouse is a horror thriller that puts an intelligent spin on marriage and excess. A cautionary tale with an ending that is sure to thrill Japanese and American horror fans alike.


Two Indian men strike up a conversation on the subway headed toward Coney Island – Vivek is US born but went to India as a youth and has distinct memories which leave him with longing; Raj is in the US…


Interviews are stressful even in the best of circumstances. Add a recent death in the family, no job to speak of, and mounting financial pressures to get a very nervous Cassie, hoping for the break of a lifetime. Thankfully, she’s…