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Set in a Northern town in a topsy-turvy world where football is only for girls and ballet is the manliest pursuit there is, one working class boy defies society and his father’s wishes in favour of his repressed fascination with…

A Handful of Dust

A mercy killer sets out to euthanize a “terminally-ill” patient and discovers that his procedure is the crux of an elaborate cult ritual.

Left Behind

A drama film that follows the story of Eddy, an aspiring teenage boxer from East London. Eddy has dreams of leaving the working class life that his single mother has provided for him and his brother behind. However, falls into…

Wifey Redux

All is well in the Prendergast household. Or, at least, that is what Jonathan Prendergast would have you believe. But his relationships with his wife and teenage daughter, and his own sanity, are put to the test when he becomes…

So She Might Live

A young girl tries to save her mother from a deadly illness.


It’s Rikes first day in a women’s prison. When she discovers that her cellmate was abused, she decides to get help. What she doesn’t know: she called the wrong guard.

Fool For Love

“FOOL FOR LOVE” – is a tribute to Pulitzer Award winner playwright Sam Shepard who passed away in July last year. The film title is same as his play ” Fool For Love” but our story is completely different ,…


Sometimes you’re too scared to say what you are facing, even to the ones closest to you.

Best Friend

In a near future, a lonely man is addicted to a product called «Best Friend» which offers him perfect virtual friends.

Clouds of Autumn

The carefree childhood existence of a brother and sister is torn apart when she is forced to attend a Residential School far from home. Singular visual interpretations infuse co-director Trevor Mack’s family history with a slowly shifting tone that evokes…