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Hand Off

A rugby player admits to having a crush on his best friend and teammate, causing a rift in their friendship. He retreats into a fantasy world as he struggles to confront his friend, while trying to fit into the macho…

Princess Rita

A lonely insurance adjuster becomes consumed by his desire to meet his internet girlfriend, who claims to be a princess from a faraway country.


ALMOST is the story of a soaring love affair that never quite takes off. Emily & Tom meet and have a magnetic connection. They almost fall very much in love, however, fate intervenes and they can never be together. ALMOST…

The OceanMaker

After the seas have disappeared, a courageous young female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.

Coming to Terms

Dealing with tragedy, grief, and death is a part of every human’s life. It’s how we learn to accept these moments that largely define who we are. Coming to Terms parallels the life of a woman losing her sister with…

Can You Hear Me Now

In a world where getting lost in the madness of self-indulgence and neglect runs rampant, Kevin Miller (Andrew Jacob DeHart) is about to reach the ultimate breaking point. Unseen and Unheard by his father (Walt Sloan) and tormented by his…

Would You Like to Try Again?

When a teenager runs away from home, she encounters an arcade machine that replays her deepest regret.

The Deal

Two men meet at night for a drug deal but not is all as it seems. The buyer turns out to be an undercover cop and attempts to arrest the dealer. But the dealer is also a cop. After a…


A young father must face his estranged relationship with own his deceased father in order to reconnect with his sister and set out to be the parent he desires to be.


Dr. Alexander is devoted to his young wife, but she longs for excitement and the company of young people. He deems it necessary to reprove her because of her noisy friends. A breach is opened, which widens day after day….