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A new ice age has descended upon the earth, wreaking havoc and disintegrating every semblance of order or civilization. Now people roam the land, marauding and looting what they can.


A young boy is battling with depression and the stress of being bullied by other boys in the neighborhood. With no one to turn to, he is forced to go to extreme measures in order to be at peace with…


A young mom asks a 911 operator for permission to shoot an intruder to protect her infant son.


They say life starts at 18. Jerome and Eddie are all set to give Ali the 18th birthday to remember… but for all the wrong reasons… 18 is a powerful story of friendship, love and regret.


Anti-bullying short film

Friend Zone

Tyson and Mike have been boys for years. Tyson the football player for his local team is a ladies man while Mike is often left to play the role of the friend. But is Mike about to finally get the…

Deep It

A collaboration between Fully Focused and young people from across West London to bring you a film that looks at the impact of picking up a knife. Deep It.

Too Proud To Beg

Too Proud To Beg is a short love story about a teenage boy struggling with the social pressures of being accepted by his peers and showing his feelings for his girlfriend.

It’s Over

This Story is based around the life of a young man by the name of JJ and the struggles he faces day to day…since his father was brutally murdered when he was young. He has had to be the man…

Rogan Josh

A perfect dinner conversation leads to an uncomfortable truth.