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Fool For Love

A heartwarming tale of two star-crossed lovers. What does fate have in store for them?

Bon Voyage

A story about a son growing up and eventually taking over the wheel from the father.

Somersault Pike

A competitive diver faces her fears while taking on new heights.A competitive diver readies herself in a locker room, wrapping up her hair. Her motions look quiet and deliberate on the outside, but instead she is full of apprehension at…


A modern couple can’t connect over her new short hair.


If your car could talk, what stories would it tell?


One-Minute Short Film, filmed as our university assignment.


Now a days the word “Jihadi” represents those who explode themselves among public in the name of Jihad, who kill others without any reason? Here comes the short film ” SHAHADAH” with the real meaning of Jihad. The Holy battle…


What if there was a cure for every disease in the world? This technology exists and is intended for the elite but all of that is about to change! A distressed young woman is on the run after stealing the…

In Private

Two couples get together for Christmas Eve during a snowstorm. Amanda and Joe a seemingly happy and successful couple living in the West Village in New York City invite over their friends Ino and Michael. Michael and Ino are having…


Nine-year-old Julian is an attentive, precise boy who likes to line up his pens neatly on his desk. When a girl complains to him about the other kids’ misbehaviour, he informs the teacher right away. The teacher sends him off…