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Thicker Than Water

Sungyong’s mom has a vampire son and she tries her best to get him fresh blood everyday. She gets the blood freshly delivered or sometimes goes to a blood auction. She and her husband do not have the same idea…


The short film ‘Dustin’ is an animated comedy about a pug who, much to his chagrin, has to arrange with an automatic cleaning robot as his new roommate.

Fata Morgana

A middle-aged couple from China arrives in the United States for the first time to organize the funeral rites of their only child. In the midst of dealing with the logistics of the funeral and their overwhelming grief, they begin…

All the Marbles

In a magical world where marbles are as precious as gold, a boy named Jamison wins the most cherished marble of them all. When a villainous bully named Wolf cruelly snatches his prize trophy, the boy challenges him to an…

One Per Person

An awkward fast food worker gains a new perspective on life while competing for customers against an excessively happy-go-lucky rival.

The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect is a moving, and extremely powerful story, that follows the life of a man, who on the anniversary of his daughters death finds an unexpected visitor who will change his life forever.


Grandma pulls her granddaughter away from her Ipad to teach her to make a cake.


A family comedy about a teenage Samoan girl who lives with her 2 Older Brothers, Parents, Uncle and Grandparents in Carson, California. Now that she is becoming a woman her 2 Brothers, Father, and Uncle are having the hardest time…

Dust Buddies

Don’t let your friends get treated like dirt.

Dia de los Muertos

A little girl gets taken to the land of the dead, where she learns the true meaning of the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos