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An advertising man down on his luck creates the marketing campaign of his life in… The Twilight Zone.


When a mysterious girl falls into the sights of a violent stalker, she is left with only one means of survival..

How I Got to the Moon by Subway

After being diagnosed with ALS, a grumpy older man goes to the hospital to record his voice before he loses the ability to speak.


A Short Film about a kid who can stop time by clapping.


Two friends seek spiritual salvation in India away from their hedonistic lives, in advance of the impending collapse of the Cosmos.

The Legend of El Hombre Lobo

A young woman searches for the graves of her long lost parents in 1972 Transylvania. She and her group of friends soon realize that they are all about to fall prey to the horrors that surround them.

Amanda_Test 1

With the help of an experimental technology, a young woman returns to Sonoma County in order to re-live an important encounter.

Tree Hugger

A short fantasy high school drama ~ In search of magic, high school freshmen Clara gets involved with Leo, an older boy, but the fantasy world in her head darkens when Leo takes advantage of her.


A young man’s broken masculinity is exposed by a talking tortoise.

Tripple Time

A theoretical physicist discovers his life is in danger when he comes home to find two future versions of himself.