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Dead Friends

With a stuffed fluffy bunny as her sole true friend in the whole world, a lonely nine-year-old girl, Lola Turtle, has already learned from this tender age the cruelty of other kids. But one day, when Lola discovers a unique…

Sounds of Nature

Ten-year old Finn takes a Sunday walk into the woods with his parents. He pays more attention to his Game Boy than to nature, upsetting his father who takes it away. Suddenly, a strange noise catches the boy’s attention. His…


Actors are obsolete. Now there are SPRITES.

Goat Witch

A young witch named Emelin and her friend Gloria perform an ancient ritual to summon a demon.


A man is forbidden by higher powers from pursuing love, so he plans to end his life and finally escape his heartbreaking existence.


Out of discarded rubber bands, a young boy makes a ball that possesses a mind of its own.

The Guide

From a mysterious void, a guardian angel-like figure guides a man through his first love, in a journey through space-time and beyond.

Future Boyfriend

A short film about falling in love in the wrong space time continuum.


An encounter in an unfamiliar environment challenges the identity of a volatile young man.


In the mountains of Mongolia, a young man offers tribute to the heavens in hope of relief from the cold. A fire spirit is born and struggles to find his destiny a new world.