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Dead House

Two men renovating a mysterious old house attempt to leave before the building enters lock down and seals them inside. Unfortunately the house has different plans for them.


Leo and Tomas are two day laborers who are in need of a quick payday to provide for their families. When they are picked up for work by a suspicious individual, they quickly realize that their new employer may be…


A recently divorced man is setting up his new home, while doing so he discovers that the person living on the other side of the wall gets easily upset. Conflict rises until he decides to knock next door and face…


A failing writer looses his grip on reality as his wife grows pregnant with their child.


A man becomes undead and infects a woman so he won’t be alone.


A young woman is haunted by ghost that her Amazon Echo picks up on.


Ayaka’s alcoholic life is spiraling out of control. Something needs to change. When she gets bitten by a vampire, will it be her salvation or her doom?


A slow, hot summer afternoon. A father sleeps while his child is drawing with pencils in a cross word puzzle. A wind moves through the grass – something bad is about to happen.

The Feast

Some people in a bar somewhere in the wild America, get surrounded by some creatures more horrible than “Aliens” and they must cooperate to survive or eaten alive!


Missing is a suspense / thriller that portrays the story of a man that is being held captive and victimized by a sadistic serial killer, while a wife searches desperately for her now missing husband.