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To give in, the blood must flow.


When a repressed 1950s housewife is left alone by her philandering husband, she makes a horrifying discovery about the noises in the house that are coming from the walls.

The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds

The kids at Camp Nawgonamakit are about to find out the tragic tale of Squirt Reynolds is more than just a legend.

Dead Friends

With a stuffed fluffy bunny as her sole true friend in the whole world, a lonely nine-year-old girl, Lola Turtle, has already learned from this tender age the cruelty of other kids. But one day, when Lola discovers a unique…


A centuries-old vampire craves the company of loved ones and contemplates immortality in a world where healthcare has progressed to the point where even the darkest outsiders are cared for.

Tea Party

A Southern belle hosts a tea party for the very girls that tortured her in high school.

Goat Witch

A young witch named Emelin and her friend Gloria perform an ancient ritual to summon a demon.

Proceeds of Crime

Miss Hogg’s gang ‘The Birds of Prey’ terrorize the city streets, stealing the hair of beautiful women, but when they set their sights on the wrong target, they realize darker forces than themselves rule the night.


A mother,s long time missing daughter begins to reach out to her across time and space. Could it be a drug induced delusion or does Kate really possess the ability to cross over?


Tonight Hada comes to visit Daniel because her last child tooth as fallen out. What Daniel doesn’t expect is that his worst enemy is the light. He will get a warning from his ghostly friend Sam, who keeps Daniel company…