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Psycho Path

Laurel Rhodes is a backpacking vlogger who specializes in hidden trails and hard-to-reach hikes. After taking a wrong turn on her latest expedition, she stumbles upon an eerie, deserted cabin with strange markings on the wall. Trapped in the dark…


10 years ago Megan ran away from her abusive father. Now, after his death, she returns home to her Mother who is seeking forgiveness. What Megan returns to, however, is far more sinister than anything she could have ever predicted.

Suicide by Sunlight

Valentina, a day-walking Black vampire protected from the sun by her melanin, finds it difficult to suppress her bloodlust when a new woman is introduced to her estranged twin daughters. In a near future NYC, Black Vampires walk amongst us.

Slow Creep

Fifteen-year-old Otter is excited that she’s finally found the horror film she’s been seeking for weeks. She brings it home to watch with her brother and his friend, not realizing that she’s doomed them to an encounter with the Slow…

An Evening with My Comatose Mother

Dorothy Pritchard thought she had it easy; house sit for the wealthy Poe’s on All Hallows Eve while collecting a cool paycheck. That was, until, she was introduced to the Poe’s rotting, comatose mother living upstairs. As the dark of…


A fake exorcist visits the home of a man who thinks his wife is possessed by a Djinn, only to find out that things are not as they seem.


The story of a young man’s struggle with life and dealing with the pressures he has to live with. The choice of ending his life sometimes weighs over the everyday problems that life brings him. We go through life hiding…

In Your Area

Sophie Pongrace ‘swipes-right’ looking for a real connection but encounters something else entirely. ‘In Your Area’ is a visual and atmospheric film set over the course of one date that explores dating-app culture, gender-dynamics, and ultimately the possibility (or lack…


Freelancer is a horror comedy that follows Jorge, a struggling freelancer cameraman, who is about to endure the most nightmarish gig he has ever gotten.

La Sirena

LA SIRENA is a psychosexual fairy tale about a woman who surrenders to her inner monster to avenge her broken heart.