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Like a Virus

Felicity has a preternatural ability to help disaffected spirits pass peacefully, but when a trickster invades her visions, she struggles to make sense of her newest assignment.

Bathroom Troll

When a clique of mean girls bully Cassie for not “looking like a girl” in the school bathroom, they awaken a dangerous rage deep within her. Hell-bent on revenge, Cassie’s mother takes advantage of this anger and, with the help…

End of Decay

An ambitious pharmaceutical researcher loses the ability to walk in a terrible accident and performs dangerous self-experimentation using stem cells to gruesome and unexpected consequences.

The Party

When a charming stranger invites her to a party, a shy woman’s fear of socializing turns into real terror.


Eve and her friends try a new drug at a rave – With devilish results.

The Sleep Over

Two collage girls having a Sleep Over on a dark and stormy night don’t know they are not alone. A Horror story we have seen before but with a twist ending.


A wannabe Actress opts for plastic surgery to join the social elite in Hollywood, broke and near destitute she doesn’t know if she can make it happen but dreams of it desperately. Her plastic surgeon though, goes above and beyond…

Smiling Woman

On a late night at an empty train station, a lone traveler is terrorized by a creepy smiling woman.


Do you want to meet the fairies?


A brave little girl faces a monster that can’t touch you when you’re under the covers.