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“chromoPHOBIA” is a psychological horror short film based on a story by renowned dark fiction writer Brian Evenson. Clinical psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Haver begins caring for a mysterious new patient on the quiet ward of a psychiatric hospital. After learning…

Wrong Number

A woman has a foreboding dream.

The Hidebehind

Lost deep in the forest, a lone backpacker encounters a peculiar stranger.

Lovely Mummers

A family in rural Newfoundland are tormented by costumed people they know, in a misty place where fairies love to prey on children.

Holiday Fear

In the final act of a slasher film, Bruce attempts to reclaim his manliness and impress the final girl by finishing off the killer.


A young woman tricks her best friend into coming out into complete her initiation into an exclusive “group”


A blind date takes a monstrous turn as a couple meets on a cold Christmas night.


Five friends go to a cabin for the weekend. What was meant to be a fun weekend turns into a deadly one.

La Noria

A young boy who loves to draw and build ferris wheels encounters strange creatures that turn his life upside down.


Coming home from a long day at work, Anthony switches gears to his alternate life as a social media influencer. Things start off as any other day until Anthony receives an invite to a private video chat session. Little does…