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Alien: Isolation – Episode 1

Fifteen years after her mother disappeared on the deep space towing shipNostromo, Amanda Ripley travels to a remote space station that may hold clues to her mother’s fate. But disaster strikes as she arrives at her destination.

Starcadian: Freak Night

The world just got freakier. The film is an expansion of a narrative beginning with the video for “HE^RT,” continuing in “Chinatown” and playing into the larger interconnected Starcadian mythology.


Deep underground, a second-rate scientist mans a discarded research facility as he struggles to cope with extreme boredom, a desperate voiceless companion, and a mystery he’d really rather not have to solve…

The Gate – Nothing Is Coming

Nothing is coming to SAVE you…

The Legend of El Hombre Lobo

A young woman searches for the graves of her long lost parents in 1972 Transylvania. She and her group of friends soon realize that they are all about to fall prey to the horrors that surround them.

How To Be Alone

One woman’s simple, three-step guide to surviving a night on your own. This dark and wickedly fun short film stars Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Guest) as a woman whose deepest fears seem to manifest physically when her husband, played…

Aliens: Containment

Four survivors find themselves stranded aboard a small escape pod in deep space. Trying to piece together the details around the outbreak that led to their ship’s destruction, they find themselves unsure to trust whether or not one of them…

Hospice – Vial 7

That thing isn’t Dr. Kane’s son anymore… It’s a Monster Hospice

Count To 10

A single mother in a new house tries to reassure her son that fear is only in his mind…but what if she’s wrong?


An iphone horror short film