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A woman starts hearing things after drinking a mystery cocktails.

Not rated yet!

Haunted House

As little Kay journeys through a strange and frightening new place, we realize this is no ordinary haunted house.


A young working girl, Ayesha, moves in to another apartment to reduce her travel time and to focus on work. Instead, her life takes a dramatic turn when her room-mate behaves weirdly, leaving her totally confused whether it is reality…

Here There Be Monsters

To escape incessant bullying on the bus ride home, a young girl falls asleep, only to wake up trapped at an empty bus yard, with something fearsome lurking outside.


Locked away in a dungeon, an heretic prepares a witchcraft to escape.

Nighty Night

Parents have many ways of calming their child during a frightening storm. One father advises his daughter that being stock-still, at all costs, is the secret to surviving unscathed. But something evil is near, lurking in the shadows of a…


In a perfect world everyone would be accepted for the way they look. But this is not a perfect world. This is her world. The world of Piggy. Picked on, bullied, used, and abused. Hell hath no fury like when…

Watching You

A home workout takes a dark twist with an unwanted visitor.

Glass Cabin

A tennis player struggles with the paranoia of a brief encounter.

Spirit #1

In the first chapter of the SPIRIT SERIES—Samantha met a man last night, but she can’t remember what he looks like.