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Short animated horrof film

The Old School Tie

Killing won’t bring back Shelley’s life but, knocking off one more of Avon Manor’s corrupt staff is all the victory she needs.

The Pond

The Pond is a poetic horror story, set in the early 1900’s, about a young girl, Kris (8), who tries to unravel the mystery of the dark pond behind her parents’ house


A superstitious Chinese student signs a lease for a luxury apartment, then finds out it was the site of a homicide

Chemical Reaction

When another ghost of the past returns to Avon Manor demanding an eye for an eye, the yoyo of justice strikes true.

Sea Devil

Two Cuban immigrants smuggle themselves into Miami with the help of a fisherman—until an uninvited guest boards the boat, haunted by something lurking on the ocean floor.

The iMom

Ariel Martin’s “The iMom” explores the future of A.I. and asks who is to blame when technology turns on us. Be careful when watching, as Katharine Trendacosta from i09 warns that “iMom will haunt your dreams.”


Sara’s visit home for the weekend means missing the big Halloween party on campus. Instead, she’s spending her night babysitting Jakob, the neighbour’s kid who won’t give up Halloween… or his mask.


After some awkward pleasantries and an exchange of cash Rob presents Edmund with an old, creased photo of a girl. As a queue of clients continue to wait outside, Rob has to decide whether to indulge his fantasy at whatever…

Liz Drives

For estranged sisters Liz and Ellie being a family has never been easy – but there are some horrors you create yourself.