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This Is She

A lonely woman plays a game with a mysterious spot on the walls of her new apartment.

The Bride

The Bride story is about the unique folk custom in Taiwan – Marring dead spouse.

Another Game

A group have signed up to a mysterious lottery with disturbingly high stakes, where their thirst for dominance blinds them to the risk they take.


After a car accident, a skeptical New Yorker must call for help on a mysterious pay phone that responds only to ‘411’. He gets Information, and in a twist of fate, much more than that.

The Psychiatrist

HBO’s In Treatment meets Criminal Minds. A dramatic murder mystery of healing, self preservation and obsession. Angela Westmoore; a psychiatrist, barren and soon to be divorced- struggles to find balance in her own life while helping a dark and mischievous…

Not rated yet!

Anahita’s Law

The film takes its title from the ancient Persian Goddess, the mythological deity Anahita who is the deity of water, fertility, healing and wisdom. Anahita’s Law is an attempt to redefine a woman’s identity in the 21st century at this…

From Life

An artist sketching in a churchyard has a series of encounters with a woman who might be a ghost. But the truth is much stranger. He draws her again and again, and comes to believe she is a ghost. But…


In a small American town, a mundane event sparks a glimpse into a mysterious and normally unseen world. A girl twirls a baton on a soccer field. An old man stands on his lawn and stares out at the world….


Deep underground, a second-rate scientist mans a discarded research facility as he struggles to cope with extreme boredom, a desperate voiceless companion, and a mystery he’d really rather not have to solve…

Don’t Look Away

When a teenage girl tells her dad about a mysterious figure staring at her, all her father can say is: “DON’T LOOK AWAY”.