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MI Amor

Mi Amor (my love) is a short film about a relationship of a couple and how it changes as time passes by in the present world.


Lust is an intense desire for something that doesn’t properly have material existence. It is most commonly understood as a sexual desire for another. A short film that looks and the harmful effects of sexting and how easily our young…

Deep Dish Apocalypse

Doug is in love with Traci, Traci is in love with Josh, and Josh chose the wrong day to eat pizza. As a zombie-riddled Los Angeles erupts in chaos, two co-workers bump into each other beneath the city on an…

Multiverse Dating For Beginners

A surrealist look at the romantic comedy and how each choice creates a new world. Ivy and Dave are totally hitting it off… until she says the wrong thing and completely freaks him out. Typical. But tonight’s no ordinary night….

Only In Dreams

A man battles his memories at the wedding of the woman he thought he would marry.

The Roadside

A story about conflict Resolution in a relationship and what other possibilities it can bring in a love triangle.

Wrong mistake

A short film based on a surprise gift given by a wife to her husband on Valentine’s Day and it’s effects thereafter.

30 Second Time Machine

30 Second Time Machine

Our Kind of Love

When Harun, a second-generation British-Afghan man who grew up in London, can’t seem to find love through Western-style dating, he decides to use his culture’s methods to arrange a marriage.

I Miss You

Love at first sight isn’t always what it seems, but it’s perfect while it lasts.