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A Love Story

A love story is a whimsical short animated film.


Sarah Martin hasn’t been lucky at love, however her mother is expecting a grandchild pronto! So Sarah tries speed dating & finds a few interesting choices.

I Am Syd Stone

A Hollywood heartthrob returns home to rekindle an old closeted relationship.

A Purgatory Story

A demon stuck with spirit board duty falls for a girl on the other side.

pressure cooker

In the India of 1990’s, which hadn’t yet opened up to the glitter of free market and unimaginable choices, monotony had a flavour attached to it, which was crafted with utmost care and attention over the years. What happens when…

Time Out

While on a trip to Milan, a couple pretends to meet as their younger selves, to determine their future together.


Can a lonely teacher find love? This short silent film follows a lonely teacher who finds a friend with the help of a rain shower and an umbrella.

Long Branch

On a cold winter’s night, Lynn’s quest for a one night stand is complicated when the guy she goes home with lives two hours away via public transit.

Space Flower

The forbidden love between the heir to an interstellar potato chip empire and her robotic beau illustrates the age-old adage that parents just don’t understand.


In a world where flames represent love, it’s easy to get your heart burned.