Science Fiction

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A reclusive bioengineer faces the horrific consequences of his time-traveling serum.


Toonocalypse follows John (David Kaye) and Michael (Matt Martin) two students living in Edinburgh, as they document the arrival of a species of small, cute, cartoon aliens, known as “Toons” to Earth. Over time the Toons become integrated into society…

Here Comes Frieda

As yet another superstorm bears down on a desperate, weary city in the year 2040, a young woman seeks to redeem her winning sweepstakes ticket for a better life in a low Earth orbit paradise.

This is a Test

A man from another dimension falls from the sky over and over again. He is looking for an answer. His hand guides him through our world, taking him and his pet sea monkeys to churches, forests, and beaches. The man…

Little Brother

Lucas is picked on at school and his little brother is here to protect him.


Kiko, a lonely retail service android, longs for the world beyond her store.


Embarked on a spaceship in the hope of finding a new habitable planet, the human trapped in his own ship after the robot overseer finds every single candidate planet unsuitable.


Esther and Miriam are being forcibly deported from the UK to Jamaica when there’s an outbreak of a deadly virus that makes you feel calm and only kills white people.


Around the world, in countries devastated by war, some mothers start giving birth to physically and mentally different babies who seem to be supernaturally gifted. Their appearance sparks a political and cultural crisis, especially in Sri Lanka, where a three…