Science Fiction

Watch amazing short science fiction movies online for free. We have a database of best short films from creators across the world.

Exit Strategy

A man in a time loop must work with his brother to prevent a catastrophic fire.


In the midst of a war between humans and sentient androids, a Delta Force team must battle a dangerous enemy to rescue the US President.

Secret Chord

In a world controlled by a powerful elite, a struggling musician has to fight for survival using his talent.

Suicide Room

What happens when a human is convinced to die, and a machine is desperate to live?


On Christmas Eve, a small UFO struggling to find his place in the universe follows his two mischievous friend’s down to earth, whilst trying to impress and gain their acceptance he inadvertently changes Christmas forever.


In the near future, Mia, a young social worker, travels to a small community to administer behavior-modifying “patches” that guarantee happiness for the wearers. She must decide what to do when Kaleigh, a precocious 10-year old girl, refuses to accept…


Blink, produced by Anthelion Films, is a science fiction short film that delves into the life of Neeraj who is unable to understand what is happening to him. His wife Smriti is slowly losing her patience with him. He tries…

Dr. Easy

Dr. Easy shows us a futuristic world where robots are trained to deal with emergency situations. When a confused man becomes a threat to his bystanders and himself, the medical robot Dr. Easy is activated to withhold him from his…

State of the Union

The President of the United States delivers the news of the impending end of the world while under duress.


In a post-pandemic society, a vampire in hiding is forced to make a stand when confronted with the oppressive regime who kidnapped and enslaved her family.