Science Fiction

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A woman is trapped in a temporal loop. Will she be able to break it?

Multiverse Dating For Beginners

A surrealist look at the romantic comedy and how each choice creates a new world. Ivy and Dave are totally hitting it off… until she says the wrong thing and completely freaks him out. Typical. But tonight’s no ordinary night….


A fight for survival in a solar system where no one can be trusted. A civil war started by subversives they could have never seen coming. A group of fighters, relentless in their quest to protect their planets will do…

Portal Combat

Sci-Fi short film

Portal: No Escape

A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there…

Time Trap

Stranded in Space, but not in Time…

30 Second Time Machine

30 Second Time Machine

After She’s Gone

When their only daughter dies, a grieving mother and father are forced to confront their competitive relationship over her.

Not rated yet!


Jane, a disillusioned office worker, finds solace in her recreational virtual reality console. As she increasingly assumes the life of her virtual avatar, the malevolent nature of her personal AI system begins to appear, with macabre consequences.


The first film entirely written by Artificial Intelligence, Benjamin. Possibly some sort of love triangle?