North East

North of the Forty Ninth Parallel lies the rugged and frozen coast of Atlantic Canada. Famous for its extreme winters, dangerous seas and lobster fishing. But a group of young men are changing what these frigid seas are known for….

Perfect Control

A boy in a small country school is bored with his prissy teacher’s monotonous lessons, and dreams that his idol, Babe Ruth steps in to invite all the boys out to play a round of sandlot baseball. Even the teacher…


Set within the world of competitive gymnastics, Pommel is a coming-of-age drama about the tumultuous relationship between two young east Asian brothers as they compete for recognition and approval in an up coming gymnastics competition. When their Coach begins to…

Picture This

16 of the best snowboarders in the world and one of the worst snow years in memory.


An endearing story of a young rag picker who, with sheer grit and determination, does not let anything come in the way of her passion. It’s a tough life of a rag-picker for Kulfi, and her jobless father doesn’t make…

Back on the Bike

After the step-dad wants to visit Briana’s bedroom and she fights him off, she is forced out of her house. Wandering the streets of LA after dark is no fun. At a train station she meets a guy who just wants to see her smile. Briana feels that she can finally connect with someone and…

The Trophy Thief

Ben is a young soccer player who believes that winning his team’s MVP trophy will solve his family problems. When he misses out on the award, he takes matters into his own hands.

Just a Game

Welcome to the GTHL– the largest minor hockey league in the world. This is where young players are molded for success, and groomed for top-tier competition, with the intention that one day, they’ll reach the brass ring that is the…


A new kid in town tests the limits at the high school basketball tryouts.

Hello World

Alterna Films presents its global assault on snowboarding with its latest release titled Hello World. A few highlights include rare visits to the war torn streets of Bosnia & Herzegovina as well as shredding the pow of the middle east.

  • 2019