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Crush is a psychological thriller that centers on Greyson Michelson, a young writer trying to move forward from her past suicide attempt. When Greyson is asked to write a speech about her past struggles, she uses the opportunity to try…

First Kill

Rayburn has family obligations: a young wife, a son…and the violent crime family that employs him. Devoted to both families, Rayburn is reluctant when he is sent on his first contract kill with his brutal mentor, James. Isolated in an…


A spy given a secret envelope containing important information. A mysterious smoking man has other plans for this envelope and will do anything to get it, but also everything to protect it..

The Suitcase

Stuck in the minutia of life Joe Franek, a Boston-bred baggage handler, fears he’ll never amount to anything. Being a pilot is his goal, but the dream seems far off as financial pressures mount. When tasked with transferring an incoming…


One Halloween night Murielle is dared to knock on the door of an abandoned mine, now something has chased her home. Is she the victim of a Halloween prank or has the legendary witch come to steal her soul?

Happy Birthday

On his birthday, Vince gets the surprise of his life when he assumes the worst of his absent girlfriend.


The small town of Plyos on the Volga River is dominated by an unprecedented creature. His name is Sirenhead. Everyone is now in danger.

The Sacred Disease

There is a crack in this world you can slip through.


A man wakes in a deserted city with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there.

A Confession

A mysterious and damaged young man must confess a terrible sin. What he reveals to the warm hearted priest resonates way beyond the confines of the Church – calling into question a relationship that has lasted over 1500 years.