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Arc Raider

The Arc is an ancient power that can restore life, it has been lost in the cosmos for over a thousand years, now it has found its way in orbit of the solar system and headed toward planet Earth. An…

The Psychiatrist

HBO’s In Treatment meets Criminal Minds. A dramatic murder mystery of healing, self preservation and obsession. Angela Westmoore; a psychiatrist, barren and soon to be divorced- struggles to find balance in her own life while helping a dark and mischievous…

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Bright Red

Filipe Santos is a man whose wife has been brutally murdered. The police can’t find the killer and Filipe starts an investigation on it’s own. However the more he searches for the truth the more twisted his methods become. 2nd…

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Bree, a dishonest 9-year-old receives a terrifying visitor after a parenting lesson goes horribly wrong.

Make It Sound

Barry, an introvert teenager, is going through a hard time communicating with his Mom after his elder brother’s death. With profound grief, he thinks he has found a way to speak up.

The Guest

In this existential thriller, a man must face his personal demons as a consequence of a mysterious bargain he has made.


When a young man drops out of college to care for his shut-in mother he too finds himself increasingly insulated from the outside world, something which conflicts with his growing forays into amateur astronomy.

The Big Bad World

Set in Ireland in the late 90’s. Two Teens break the rules for the first time by going on their very own vacation into the big bad world.


A young swimming prodigy tries out for the nation’s top swim team, where he’s pushed towards greatness by a militant coach.


A young woman on a calming run through a woodland trail hears a bone-chilling scream coming from the forest. Compelled to investigate, she ignores her better instincts and ventures deeper into the thicket as the scream grows more constrained with…