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Night Shift

Strange things happen when you work on the Night Shift.

After Hours

A young employee locked in a store after hours becomes convinced someone or something is following her.

Little Lamb

1829. Louisa is a convict trapped in the living hell of a British prison in faraway Van Diemen’s Land. She ignores warnings from her prison mate and places her hopes for freedom in becoming the servant of the mysterious Mr…

The White Lady

A young couple spending a romantic evening camping beneath the stars, have just become engaged. Following their retreat to the tent they are taunted by a mysterious presence.

Good Samaritan

When a man videotapes a fatal assault where bystanders watch and don’t intervene, he finds himself haunted by the guilt of his own inaction, and by something far more insidious.

Death by Script

A Hollywood script reader comes across a script that may or may not lead to the horrific death of anyone who passes on it.

Night Prey

Something’s lurking in the darkest corners of an otherwise ordinary office building. Three exterminators (Bryan Michael Block, Tara Elliott, scOtt summitt) are called in to take care of the problem. Is it a simple insect infestation…or something far more sinister?…


‘Over’ appears to present a police crime scene. Over the course of 14 minutes and 9 wide shots (told in reverse order), we watch as an intriguing story unfolds and heads towards a dramatic conclusion. What has happened in this…


Dr. Adam Leecher, a young ambitious scientist, has developed a vaccine for a parasite that affects women only. He believes so blindly in his treatment that, when denied permission to proceed with human trials, Adam resorts to testing the vaccine…


Martin has to pull another all-night shift at work. His boss is missing, along with a lot of company money. Martin has one night to find the money before he becomes the corporate scapegoat. Late at night, and alone in…