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A short film about a students confrontation with two school shooters.


Jill is annoyed with Jack, ignoring his attempts to get her to smile as she drives a city road. She stops for petrol, and while she’s filling the tank, he goes into the station’s mini-mart and buys a bouquet, chocolates,…


When Nick asks his long-time girlfriend Maritza to let his old college buddy, Dylan, spend the night after not seeing him for a few years, she acquiesces without anticipating that she will be alone with their unpredictable guest.

The Translator

An American man and a Lithuanian woman vacationing in Japan fall in love with the help of a translator. Only the translator happens to be fall in love as well. A thriller in the vein of the 1947 film ‘Raw…

The Box

A man receives a message from the girl he was in love years ago. Now he should decide if it’s worth the risk to go meet her, or ignore this tempting invitation to starting a new life.

Glass Cabin

A tennis player struggles with the paranoia of a brief encounter.

Upside Down

A car turn upside down in the snow. A woman trapped. A man standing outside, trying to reach her…


In the month following the massive earthquake in Chile, fear and chaos gripped the entire nation. Rumors of an even bigger aftershock had everyone panicked. Then, on one seemingly peaceful afternoon, the aftershock hit. Replica portrays the second quake through…

The Mannequin

A lonely introverted man finds romance and love with a good girl who is an unlikely soul mate, only to discover that she is not such a good girl after all, but is still interested in his soul.