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Don’t Look Away

When a teenage girl tells her dad about a mysterious figure staring at her, all her father can say is: “DON’T LOOK AWAY”.

Active Shooter

When a school shooting erupts, a father suspects that his own son is the shooter.


A grandfather who lives across the country from his family tries to connect with his grandson inside virtual reality.

Future Boyfriend

A woman’s date takes a strange turn when the man she’s been seeing reveals his strange backstory.

The Study

A group of strangers volunteer for a medical study that’s hiding a dark secret.

Third Date

A story about how toxic love can eat you alive. An insecure young woman with a secret goes on a date with a charming young man, and slowly falls into his supernatural trap.

Safe Haven

A short film about two children surviving in a world full of war. Created by 115 film students in order to create awareness about the fact that 357 million children are currently living in conflict zones.


What if there was a cure for every disease in the world? This technology exists and is intended for the elite but all of that is about to change! A distressed young woman is on the run after stealing the…


When Jason’s companion suddenly vanishes before his eyes, he realizes the world around him may be starting to unravel.


When a man’s television mysteriously shows him a brutal murder being committed in his building, a scream from the hallway compels him to investigate. What he stumbles upon will change his life forever.