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Invisible Scars

Meet Spc Jackson and Spc River of the United States Army. Their 9 month deployment is coming to an end when suddenly everything goes left!!! Dedicated to all my fellow veterans. #igotyoursix (PTSD AWARENESS VIDEO)


Here it finally is, ladies and gentlemen; Athena, the Sci-Fi Action/Thriller short film from Rogue Division, Crowned Prince Productions and Nine Entertainment! Athena is the culmination of almost two years of work and the combined talents of a vast team…


After some awkward pleasantries and an exchange of cash Rob presents Edmund with an old, creased photo of a girl. As a queue of clients continue to wait outside, Rob has to decide whether to indulge his fantasy at whatever…

2nd Door

A sci-fi that gives you the thrills of a parallel world in sync with the real world. The story of a man who seeks answers from himself and not from the world.

Connecting the dots

In the day of mix and match families, it’s not uncommon that absolute strangers are thrown together to form new branches of a family. A ‘puzzling’ tale where you see the hope to get along and make a genuine effort.


A hacker named Quinn infiltrates a cult, who are slowly killing off its members, in order to save her estranged sister, Harper.


Telugu Short Film Directed By Akhil Raj


ADITI is a short film based on a fictional concept

One Last Night

In this short film you ll experience a mind twisting story when yo’ll sit and think does that really happen but the story is based on a real fact.


Based on a true story from Amani Simpson, ‘AMANI’ is the latest short from Joivan Wade (The First Purge, Shiro’s Story, Deep It & Mandem On The Wall) – The film depicts the inner reflections of a young man battling…