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Turning Tide

After witnessing a large aerial battle over 1940’s Scotland, a young boy finds himself in a life changing situation when he comes face to face with a downed German pilot.

Uss Din

Two neighboring kids strive to keep their game of bat and ball alive, while their hostile families prepare to destroy each other.


Navy SEALS on a dangerous mission fight together to keep their promise to their country without breaking the ones they made to their families.

Operation Shell Shock

In an alternate near future, where war has become the main source of profit, a Black Ops mission is assigned to kill an ultra-nationalist leader in Serbia. However, the operation starts to have bad outcomes, as the squad continues to…


When Miro returns home at the end of World War II he finds his land taken, his people gone, his daughter stolen and his service record treated with contempt, but the battlefield has taught him how to fight and he…


Mohamed is deeply shaken when his oldest son Malik returns home after a long journey with a mysterious new wife.

Quiet on Set

We’re in a war-zone. The year must be 1940: World War 2. Soldiers are scattered in the snow: freezing, bleeding and dead. Suddenly we cut out: we’re on a Norwegian film set in 2015.


An orphan boy has his humanity tested when his film director encourages him to give a violent performance that will blend fiction with reality.


Everyday 22 Veterans commit suicide in the U.S.A. The numbers are real and so are the wounded souls. This is just one story.