A list of the latest short movies

Miss Chazelles

Clara and Marie are rivals. Clara is the first successor, while Marie won the Chazelles-sur-Lyon Prize. The tension rises between Clara’s friends and Maries’s family, but the girls are ambivalent.

Behind the Beast

A space looter and his AI land on the wreck of a spaceport to steal a valuable object before the arrival of first aid.


When Ernie’s suicide attempt rips a hole in the floor of the apartment above, he begins to form a friendship with the young boy who lives there.


Spin classes can be a bit intimidating. But for Brit, the fear is real when her first class turns into a ride for her life.


What would you do if you had over three hundred broken bones all before your thirtieth birthday? Jodie Owen has and she shares her story with us in this short yet powerful documentary portrait.


A reclusive bioengineer faces the horrific consequences of his time-traveling serum.

Before I Fall

Follow the birth of a revolution as Marcus walks in his mother’s footsteps finishing her fight and deciding enough is enough.


An ambitious artist struggles to bury her envy when her idle girlfriend captivates the art world with an accidental masterpiece.