A list of the latest short movies

  • 2019

Midnight Confession

West Berlin, 1989. Manny Jumpcannon prowls his dingy apartment, phoning various degenerates from his past. He’s hoping for some uncertain vindication but the ensuing conversations only reveal his own sordid history of deceit.


A black comedy about a young man who is asked to donate his heart to his dying mother.

Hors piste

The two best rescue workers in the region take off for their umpteenth mission. Professionalism and efficiency all around, but things don’t really go as planned…

What a Beautiful World This Will Be

In the brutal Brooklyn winter, a nameless man ventures across the city to find a missing friend.

  • 2019


Peter has a dream job. He’s a popular magician in a posh Prague nightclub, whose act draws more applause than the strippers. He’s got an eye-catching assistant who is ready and willing to cuddle his frayed nerves whenever necessary. But…


A short film about the sweet intimacy and destructive power of social media – told from the point of view of a smartphone.

Hope Dies Last

Inspired by the life of Józef Paczynski, a Polish political prisoner in Auschwitz during the Second World War, who became the personal barber to Rudolf Höss. Rudolf Höss was the camp commander of Auschwitz who introduced the use of pesticide…


When two outcast teens hack into a drone delivery system to pull a prank on the girl next door, they accidentally redirect a critical shipment and find themselves entangled in a life-and-death political conspiracy.