After Dark

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After Dark
After the step-dad wants to visit Briana's bedroom and she fights him off, she is forced out of her house. Wandering the streets of LA after dark is no fun. At a train station she meets a guy who just wants to see her smile. Briana feels that she can finally connect with someone and for the first time she looks at a man straight into his eyes. She feels something. Time passes and the step father does it again, Briana runs to a phone booth, calls Johnny who tells her that she should never go back to that house again. He takes her to his place and leaves to run some errands quickly, but he does not come back for hours. When he finally returns, he is bleeding and completely broken. Desperate Briana tries to find out what happened only to find out that his past has caught up with him and some really bad people he was working with finally found him. Briana is devastated, what can she do to save him, to save both of them? What is she getting into? Based on a true story.
0 h 03 min
Nick Heyman, Ryann Werner
Release Date
11 February 2020
 United States
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