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Dr. Alexander is devoted to his young wife, but she longs for excitement and the company of young people. He deems it necessary to reprove her because of her noisy friends. A breach is opened, which widens day after day. At a tango tea she is attracted by Welby, an artist. A brother physician of Alexander's borrows some serum for a case of croup. Meanwhile the wife draws farther apart from the doctor until she consents to a proposal of elopement by the artist. She writes Welby where to meet her. On the same evening a child, afflicted with croup, is brought to the doctor and he finds his serum exhausted. In order to save the patient's life he decides to apply his mouth to that of the boy and force a passage of air by respiration. He sends for his wife to help him, but she refuses. As she is packing her bag he enters and tells her that his work may cost him his life and she must be present. She obeys. As she sees the brave act of her doctor husband a swift revulsion of feeling comes and...
0 h 05 min
Alec B. Francis, Belle Adair, Robert Frazer
Release Date
1 August 2020
 United States
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