Fool For Love

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Fool For Love
"FOOL FOR LOVE" - is a tribute to Pulitzer Award winner playwright Sam Shepard who passed away in July last year. The film title is same as his play '' Fool For Love'' but our story is completely different , though the structure is inspired from the screenplay of the same. Shepard's plays are chiefly known for their bleak, poetic, often surrealist elements, black humour - our script is no different. It narrates the story of an Anglo indian couple Allan and Beatrice(bittu). Beatrice who lives in one of the christian dominant areas of Mumbai,India is visited by her husband one night after almost two years of disappearance. What happens next is bleak, poetic and surreal just like Shepard's plays.
0 h 14 min
Anurag Kashyap, Ritabhari Chakraborty
Release Date
24 April 2019
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