Holy Moses

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Holy Moses
It's 1963, and the harshest winter of the 20th century rages against Northern Ireland. The temperature plummets as we open on a Magdalene Asylum for fallen women. A beautiful nun struggles to conceal her forbidden pregnancy, while enduring back breaking physical labor as penance for her sins. To make matters worse, one of the cows has gone missing - she follows it out into the elements only to witness it vanishing into thin air - Jump forward 25 years later to a gas station in West Texas, and the cow re appears before the attendant, Justice - who watches in horror as it drops dead on the floor. Justice calls up the Sheriff, the Sheriff calls up the Doctor, and together, the three men discover a strange mystery in the middle of an American nowhere.
Comedy, Drama
0 h 15 min
Amanda Seyfried, Dan Bakkedahl, John Gowans
Release Date
16 September 2019
 United States
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