Jessica Jessica

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Jessica Jessica
The story of two friends in their mid to late 30's who aren't married, who aren't mothers, who aren't failures, who are both named Jessica. Jessica H is a smart, strong, savvy woman who is looking for love and who wants to start a family with the right guy. She won't settle for less, but she will sleep with less. And why shouldn't she? When Jessica H wakes up next to a handsome man who wants to spend the day playing house she kicks his ass to the curb. Pretty faces have a short shelf life, if he's not the one, then he's a one night get out of her site type. Jessica G is a vulnerable, intelligent, witty woman who is in those first fragile weeks post breakup. Her intentions are noble but her execution shameful when she's caught stalking her ex outside his house. She's trying to mend a broken heart and come to terms with the fact that he was never "the one". Jessica Jessica is the the funny/sexy/sad truth of how hard it is to be a woman who wants to settle down, but won't settle. Two ...
0 h 13 min
Jessica Greco, Jessica Hinkson, Troy Blundell
Release Date
12 May 2020
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