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The world is turning, the worst in humanity is coming to pass. No one knows what's going on, but speculations goes on. Single mother Brittany struggles in her everyday life, trying to balance raising her children and being a nurse. Dedicated to both she is always making sacrifices. As she gets ready to go to work at a nearby hospital, strange things start happening a little to close to home. People are getting sick with a highly contagious virus of unknown origin that turns people into aggressive killers. The hospital is packed and as the hours go by, the disease progresses until the hospital becomes the epicenter. Brittany barely escapes with her life, and with the help of a small group of patriots, she must fight her way back home and rescue her young children if they are still alive.
0 h 05 min
Cassie Shea Watson, Ashla Soter, Maria Alexandra
Release Date
3 August 2020
 United States
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