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A short film about the writer's process. Derek a writer/director finds himself stuck, unable to clearly see his story. His father's advice is to give up and to peruse financial security. Derek is getting older; his frustration is getting the better of him. Derek deals with this stress the only way he knows, he begins to write. We are brought into his imagination as he creates a character, a dirty, lost, bearded figure, a reflection of himself. As this character treks for what seems for months, a powerful winter storm covers him in snow. He begins to have visions of his past and with each step we are pulled into the real life of the writer. Betrayed in actual home movies, we bear witnesses to real life-defining moment as this writer struggles with his subject matter; himself.
0 h 11 min
Derek Partridge, Diane Partridge, Olivia Partridge
Release Date
16 September 2019
 United States
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