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About young people being lost in complicated, collapsing world of European civilsation. Main characters are trying to find theirselfs in reality percepted as a struggle between sacrum and profanum. They're looking for their own ways in times, where relativism is the synonym of certainty and nihilism, for many, becomes a new religion. Four young people - Jakub, Monika, Dominik and Weronika represent completely different personalities and approach to life. Jakub's intensively seeking for the sense of life. He always desires what he doesn't have and constantly runs after unreachable perfection. Monika is seemingly the least complicated character, she wants "only" peace and happiness. Weronika appears as an ideal, unadulterated goodness, as though she were a girl not from this world. She is the dream that Jakub's trying to reach. Dominik - the strongest personality, he claims a war, he frightens with it everyone around and in the same time he's preparing a shelter for his loved ones. This...
0 h 02 min
Mateusz Mosiewicz, Angelika Pytel
Release Date
23 April 2020
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